Date: 03/03/2023


Happy Fan Friday all! After a brief hiatus we are back with a new fan spotlight - make sure to get in touch with us at the email address at the bottom of the page or via social media if you’d like to be featured in future weeks!

The NFL Combine is underway in Indianapolis, as attention turns to the draft prospects who will be selected in Kansas City at the end of April.

We will be providing plenty of content building up to that event, plus free agency, as the offseason kicks into gear!

This week, we’ve got some answers from Ben, a Jets fan based in Manchester!

  • Name: Ben Tomlinson
  • Twitter handle: @bt678910
  • Location in UK: Manchester but originally from Sunderland
  • Jets fan since: Since my sister bought me a LaDainian Tomlinson Jersey as a birthday present in 2010 from when she lived over there.
  • First Jets memory: 2010 season when we made the playoffs for the second time in two seasons. Would love another one of them soon please! 
  • Favourite Jets memory: Would have to be travelling around America going to different Jets away games. Raiders vs Jets at the Coliseum for Marshawn Lynch’s return game. We got beat but it was a great atmosphere!

  • Ever visited MetLife? If so, what’s the story?: Several times actually! I used to do Camp America every summer whereby you teach sports in an American Summer Camp. Been to 2/3 Jets-Dolphins games at MetLife. A Jets-Bills game, Jets-Raiders. The list goes on! For some reason I’m a good luck charm and I’ve never seen us lose at MetLife! So if someone wants to buy me a season ticket that would benefit us all!
  • Favourite current Jet (and why?): Laken Tomlinson, I think it’s the name thing being my surname. But I think he’s a great guy too, he wants to give back when he’s finished his NFL career by becoming a doctor.
  • Favourite all-time Jet (and why?): Doubt it’s a popular choice but Chris Ivory. When I first started getting into NFL more, the guy was a beast. His style of running and the way he would never go down.

Thanks to Ben for answering our questions and for his continued support - sounds like we need to get you over to MetLife as a good luck charm more often!

For anyone who would like to be featured, please get in contact with us via DM on Twitter or via the email address listed below! Have a great weekend!