Date: 11/01/2023
Author: Callum Insull


The 2022 season didn’t end the way many Jets fans would have hoped, but it sure started the way they did. 2022 was always about progression and development of a young team under second year staff led by Robert Saleh. To start 6-3, before rookie running-back Breece Hall, and, second year offensive lineman Alijah Vera-Tucker went down to long term injuries, completely changed the narrative and direction of the season. To echo what Jets general manager Joe Douglas said in his post-season press conference on Monday, “the way the season went was surreal.”


Once the Jets hit the mid-season mark at 7-4, expectations shifted. To miss out on the playoffs and finish 7-10 is tough but going back to the original expectations for the season, it has ended the way many would have thought.


There are so many positives to look upon for 2023 and it makes for an interesting offseason which is already underway!


Unlike other sports, especially British ones that totally shut down once the end of a season arrives, the NFL is very different. Already, members of the Jets staff including head coach Saleh, general manager Douglas, the two coordinators Mike LaFleur & Jeff Ulbrich and key players have spoken about the 2022 campaign. The locker clear-out day has already happened. 

Now, in the coming weeks, we might see some moves be made both from the coaching staff and the playing staff, while preparations for free agency and the draft begin.


New signings obviously can elevate teams to new heights and without even adding anybody new to the team, the Jets will see Hall, Vera-Tucker and 2020 draftee Mekhi Becton return from long-term injuries. Those three will feel like new signings and will push the team on and improve the offence right away. We know that the offence has been the potential weak point of the roster in 2022, so the trio will automatically give the team a boost when they get back healthy.


All of them spoke with local press on Monday during the locker room clear-out day and each one of them were motivated to get back to work in the off-season with their respective rehab programs and workouts. 

It’s obvious what Hall and Vera-Tucker give to the team, but Becton has had an unfortunate relationship with the sidelines since his drafting after suffering two knee injuries, but he said how determined he is to get back when he was interviewed at the start of the week: “I’m feeling good, lost a lot of weight and I’m very motivated. I can’t wait to get on the field.”


So, with the Jets expecting big pieces to their jigsaw back in 2023, there are still other fittings to be added in the upcoming offseason, one of which includes a potential acquisition at the quarterback spot.


As of now, Zach Wilson, Mike White & Joe Flacco are the quarterbacks on the team, but with question marks surrounding Wilson especially, it remains to be seen whether the Jets’ front office adds a new quarterback for 2023. If there are any names that come to the forefront straight off the bat, it would be Jimmy Garoppolo of the San Francisco 49ers and Derek Carr of the Las Vegas Raiders. Might be unrealistic but, add to that the pending free agent that is Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens.


All could be targets of Douglas and the Jets if they don’t feel like Wilson can be the starter in 2023 but for now, the search is in its ‘infant stages’ to quote GM Douglas and for fans it will be interesting to see which avenue New York do in fact go down as they try to find a fix under centre. Nobody knows who the Jets will target, if anybody but what is for certain, is whatever decision is made, it’ll be in the best interest of the team.


Away from the hot topic that is the quarterback spot, the Jets hold the 13th pick in the upcoming draft. With that, they hope to pick a player who, like draftees of the past, can help transform their fortunes.


Of course, there are things the Jets don’t need to touch heading into this critical offseason - that being the defence. Led by Quinnen Williams, who is a talking point himself with a potential contract extension on the horizon. NYJ boasts a top-five defence that can already be the catalyst for success come September. 

There are so many variables that make up the team and as always, there are ways in which those can be improved. That key word, improvement, is what the Jets will look to focus on as they find their feet in the offseason that will prepare them for a crucial 2023 season where the franchise will be hoping to end the long postseason drought.


Strap yourselves in because these next few months are sure to be a fascinating ride.


Let’s go Jets!